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JASMINE: – Adoptable 6 yr old Anglo Arabian mare- looking for her special person to take her home. She stands about 15.1 hands and is green broke at walk/trot. She needs an intermediate/experienced person to continue her training and start her career with her. Due to no fault of her own, she returned to Easy Street Rescue, as her family had to sell their farm. She is quite sweet, extremely flashy, and very smart. She is very healthy and can go in any direction. She has very nice movement, and a gorgeous floating trot. If anyone knew Knight whom was adopted this summer, she is his sibling. She has been trained English. Come meet Jasmine this weekend at Easy Street Horse Rescue, near Amsterdam NY. Just call or text for appointment to 518-421-0125. Adoption fee $550 will increase with her training. Up to date on vaccinations, rabies and coggins. If you would like to visit with her, please call or text Nina at 518-421-0125.





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a 501(c)(3) charitable organization

All donations fully tax deductible.

Paypal: easystreetrescue@aol.com

Check: Payable to Easy Street Horse

109 Langley Rd, Amsterdam NY 12010


 Note: We do not have any “open hours”, but visitors are welcome via an appointment by calling 518-421-0125.  Thank you!

  Our purpose to help horses in need, whether slaughter-bound, neglect, abuse or other urgent situations that cause harm.  Easy Street Horse Rescue is an IRS approved 501(c)(3) not-for-profit charitable organization. We operate strictly from donations from horse lovers and supporters. All support is appreciated, both in-kind donations and monetary. Horses coming through Easy Street Farm will receive care and rehabilitation prior to being made available for adoption to homes where it is apparent that love and quality care will be given. It takes many months to bring a horse back to full health, and costs are high.  Your support for the horses is appreciated!

URGENT NEEDS (Call 518-421-0125 or email


  • Donations needed – URGENT NEED Winter Hay Budget is $11,000  +  Dental Care (floating per horse $110 plus wolf teeth removed =  $1100). Please help us raise the funds to cover these expenses.
  • Please donate via PayPal to easystreetrescue@aol.com or mail a check payable to Easy Street Horse Rescue at 109 Langley Road, Amsterdam NY 12010 or
  • CALL US 518-421-0125 IF YOU CAN DONATE HAY. All donations, both monetary or in-kind is appreciated and tax deductible to the full extent of the law.
  • LUMBER! SPRING 2015 –  Continuing project to replace our electric with post/board fencing. We are experiencing issues in securing our electric rope/tape to ensure horses do not get out or change pastures.  We are slowly replacing the electric with post/board. This is a VERY slow process due to cost and labor intensive.  We need help! If you can donate any of the following we would really appreciate: Locus Posts, Hemlock Boards, Non-Climb Horse Fence; or if you have other posts/boards that are treated….AND/OR if you can volunteer your services.
  • VOLUNTEERS! 1) To help raise funds 2) To help with care of horses 3) To train horses in our round pen or yours 4) To help with fencing 5) To help get word out about horses ready for adoption 6) To help transport horses 7) To help with Events 8) To help sort and price donated tack 9) To help get donated hay 10) To help get corporate sponsors 11) To help! :)
  • TRAINERS- either come here regularly or foster a horse and train at your facility; must be experienced. If you are able to do a “foster training” then all expenses are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. To train here:  We only have a round pen, but it is not safe footing now with all the rain. Need clean sand to build it back up.
  •  Backhoe and driver to help fix our drainage issue + KNOWLEDGE <<<<< really need experience is working with a horse paddock
  • Winning Lotto ticket!


Please DO NOT bring HAND treats for the horses, except bags/boxes that can be added later into their grain.  Feeding by hand can make some horses aggressive and/or become nippy.


We are ALL volunteers, with varied hours here at the Rescue. Thus, Appointments must be made to visit the horses. Please 518-421-0125 for an appointment.


Town of Root Court: 518-673-3549, Root Town Court 1048 Carlisle Road Sprakers, NY 12166, 673-5348

Below is info on the large seizure on March 22, 2012:

 Two mares, Lizzie (white) and her yearling filly (Joy) were seized and brought to safety at Easy Street Horse Rescue in March. Little Joy (as named by volunteers) tried vainly to survive, but after ten days had to be put down humanely after continuing problems of rectal prolapse compounded by undernourishment, dehydration, and parasite infestation.

The owner of 15 horses that were seized in March was arrested April 15 and taken to jail in Montgomery County. He is out on bond now and the case has not yet had a date set for court due to backlog.

NY State Trooper Bednarek arrested Carl Vitale on Sunday, April 15 and charged him with 2 felony counts of aggravated cruelty to animals, 15 misdemeanors and 4 violations. The charges came after the March court ordered search and seizures of Mr. Vitale’s farm located at 656 Lynx Street, Sprakers, NY 12166, ended with 15 untamed, sick and malnourished horses taken to safety at Easy Street Horse & Barnyard Rescue, Inc. in Amsterdam NY.

Two dozen dedicated volunteers of Easy Street Horse Rescue, along with some very helpful NYS Troopers and folks from Saratoga Equine, spent two days in March out in very mucky pastures and dilapidated barns catching the horses, none of which were even halter trained. A total of seven stallions and eight mares were seized, but a mare and stallion later had to be humanely euthanized after examinations by Dr. Julie Cornell of Saratoga Equine.

The charges brought against Mr. Vitale are two felony charges for the two horses that had to be euthanized, 15 misdemeanor counts which is one for each horse seized, and four violations for the four identifiable horse caresses that were not properly disposed.

Hay and monetary donations urgently needed

Easy Street Horse Rescue, an IRS approved 501(c)(3) charitable organization, is seeking donations of hay for the horses taken to their farm at 109 Langley Road, Amsterdam NY 12010. Over 100 bales were donated the day after the horses arrived, but those have been used. Please call 518-421-0125 if you can help with hay which is urgently needed.

Easy Street Rescue also needs help moving 12 round bales from a farm in Johnstown to their farm in Amsterdam.

Donations urgently needed to help these horses…. via PayPal to easystreetrescue@aol.com or mail a check payable to Easy Street Horse Rescue at 109 Langley Road, Amsterdam NY 12010. Expenses have already gone over $20,000 and  we still need to raise $5,000 for medical expenses. Please help these horses. All donations, both monetary or in-kind is appreciated and tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

Thank you,

Nina Bellinger, Founder/Director

Easy Street Horse & Barnyard Rescue, Inc.



518-212-2033 or 518-421-0125

 Excelsior (Celsy) is now the greeter at Easy Street Rescue, as he has the run of the barnyard. Visitors quickly fall in love with the little guy whom is extremely underweight and malnourished. It is a very long road to recovery for Celsy, whom still is not out of danger. This sweet little guy is very gentle and loves to be groomed. Celsy’s brother Ulysses had to be humanely put down after an old injury which was painful was diagnosed as only getting worse. Ulysses looked a lot like his younger brother, Celsy, and he was loved by all the volunteers that petted and groomed him after his arrival at Easy Street Horse Rescue. Both Ulysses and Joy went to God’s pastures in heaven after knowing peace and love.

Donations: Donations to help these horses can be made via PayPal Make A Donation button below or mail a check payable to Easy Street Horse Rescue at 109 Langley Road, Amsterdam NY 12010.

We would also love donations of good horse quality hay (round and square) and calf manna supplement.  We also need muck buckets, corral panels (new or used with no broken parts), and a couple stall mats.  All cash and in-kind donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

13 sick horses rescued from a Sprakers farm….Dozens of Volunteers turn out to help!

Easy Street Rescue with New York State Troopers and dozens of animal rescue volunteers worked all day Thursday in Montgomery County to rescue 13 sick horses from a severely run down farm.

Only on FOX: 13 sick horses rescued from a Sprakers farm

What we saw…


    VOLUNTEER NOTES:  We need a lot of volunteers to take care of these horses; plus we need other volunteers in areas of fundraising help, event coordinators, adoption coordinators, etc. If you’ve been thinking about helping, then please do it today!

    FOSTER HOMES: We need foster homes once these horses are ready for new homes, which will be soon. Foster homes have the first right to adopt once the court gives us ownership (which we expect to happy, so please let us know if you can help in that manner. Please download the foster app under Forms tab. All foster homes can take full tax deductions of all expenses for the horses. Fostering a horse is the same as donating the money to us. Please spread the word for the need. We are located in Montgomery County NY so the foster home should be in the surrounding area and/or have the ability to come to us to get the horse(s). All horses currently have vaccinations, rabies and coggins. We will not foster a horse that hasn’t been quarantined or vet approved to move.

    Donations: Donations to help these horses can be made via PayPal Make A Donation button below or mail a check payable to Easy Street Horse Rescue at 109 Langley Road, Amsterdam NY 12010. We would also love donations of good horse quality hay (round and square) and calf manna supplement and beet pulp (shredded).

Please share these needs with all your friends. We need your help urgently for these horses.



Directions to Easy Street Rescue


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