We are seeking experienced horse folks with horse training ability.  A lot of the horses coming to Easy Street Rescue either need refreshers or may not have training, and skilled person can make a huge difference in the life of a rescued horse by fostering and working with them so they can be adopted.  


      We sometimes have horses that are available only on a long-term or ‘permanent’ foster. These are older horses (20+) or are available as ‘companion only’.  We do not ‘adopt’ horses 20+, but do permanent foster agreements. This way we maintain ownership while the horse ages, and we can ensure their safety.


     Foster Homes are temporary homes where a horse may be recouping/rehab/training, is ready to be adopted, or on a permanent foster for our older or companion only horses.  The Foster Home is responsible for the care of the horse and expenses, with some pre-approved exceptions, which are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.  Foster applications can be downloaded from the FORMS tab. The Foster Home has first right to Adopt.  If you are a horse trainer, and have room and time for one of our horses, please contact Nina at 518-421-0125. We need you!