You can sponsor monthly or on a one time basis by:

Please indicate which horse you are sponsoring. We need more than one sponsor per horse.  If you can sponsor all or partial expenses for a horse, for a month or more, that would be great!


Typical costs incurred per horse:

  • $175 per month:  Standard Board – Hay/Shelter/Pasture
  • $  50 per month:  Grain/Supplements
  • $  50 per month:  Misc Medical
  • $100                      Vet exams, vaccinations, rabies, coggins
  • $100                      Dental exams, floating
  • $20 per month       Farrier (hooves)
  • $350                      Castration of stallions
  • $100                      Equine Osteopath/Chiropractic Adjustment