A note from Olivia…“Hi There! He (Van) is doing fantastic. We have decided to rename him Romeo because when he was in the indoor arena stretching his legs he fell in love with his reflection in the mirror. He seems to be quite happy its getting chilly at night so he is wearing a blanket and loves it. Everyone at the barn just adores him and he is officially the most spoiled horse there.”While Van (Romeo) was at Easy Street Rescue, one of his favorite persons, Lee, found a receipt for horse cookies that he went crazy for….Molasses Horse Cookies1.5 cup all purpose flour1.0 cup bran1.0 cup molasses1.0 cup carrots0.5 cup oatsMix all together – should not be too wet, but should stick together. Drop a teaspoon 1.5 inches apart on a greased cookie sheet. Grease the bottom of a glass, dip in sugar and stamp cookies to flatten. Bake at 375 for 10 minutes..Van Afaire was very thin his first day on Easy Street, and seemed tender on one hoof. With time off along with good hay and grain he was ready to start a new career. Van is big and leggy. He is a sweet horse, but is a bit scared. We had a bit of delay loading him in the trailer, but he finally went on. He does kick when scared. Van was looking for his special person to teach him life is not a bad and scary place, and he found that person.

Van Affaire (Romeo) upon arrival on Easy Street

This is Van Affaire (Romeo) a five yr old chestnut gelding.

Van and Olivia

Olivia and Romeo

Van (now called Romeo) and his new Mom, Olivia